8 most outstanding K-drama characters of Jung Kyung Ho during his 20 years of acting 

Here are 8 most memorable performances of Jung Kyung Ho in K-dramas, from “Hospital Playlist” to “Crash Course in Romance”. 

1. “Time Between Dog and Wolf”

Time Between Dog and Wolf

Jung Kyung Ho played Kang Min Ki in the 2007 MBC drama “Time Between Dog and Wolf.”

Kang Min Ki and Lee Soo Hyun (Lee Jun Ki) have grown up like brothers since childhood. The two become NIS agents side by side and compete for Seo Ji Woo (Nam Sang Mi). A story of work and love.

2. “Smile, You”

Smile, You

In SBS’s 2009 drama “Smile, You”, Jung Hyung Ho plays Kang Hyun Soo.

Kang Hyun Soo graduated from a prestigious university and became a university professor at the young age of 28, but he then goes to a car company and develops a romance while working on car development with Seo Jung In (Lee Min Jung).

4. “Heartless City”

Heartless City

“Heartless City” is a drama about the confrontation between a huge drug organization and the police trying to dismantle it. Jung Si Hyun, played by Jung Kyung Ho, is an orphan born in the red light district and a middle boss in charge of distribution in the drug organization. He drew attention with the twist that he worked as an undercover agent who infiltrated the drug organization.

4. Prison Playbook 

Kdrama characters who are the most amazing friends

Jung Kyung Ho played Lee Jun Ho in the 2017 tvN drama “Prison Playbook”.

Lee Jun Ho has been close friends with Kim Je Hyuk (Park Hae Soo) since elementary school and dreamed of becoming baseball players together, but he quit baseball due to a car accident ahead of high school graduation and works in prison as an eighth-grade correctional position.

In prison, he protects Kim Je Hyuk among the inmates while hiding the fact that he is his friend. After he is released from prison, he officially dates Kim Je Hee (Lim Hwa Young), Je Hyuk younger brother.

5. Life on Mars

Life on Mars

In the 2018 OCN drama “Life on Mars”, Jung Kyung Ho played Han Tae Joo. 

Han Tae Joo travels back in time to 1988 after a mysterious accident while chasing a serial killer in 2018.

After the time slip, Han Tae Joo and Kang Dong Chul (Park Sung Woong), a detective in 1988, realize that the serial killer they were chasing are active during both timelines, so they team up to investigate the case.

6. Beating Again

Beating Again

Jung Kyung Ho played Kang Min Ho in the 2015 JTBC drama “Beating Again.”

Kang Min Ho is the son of the first chairman of Hermia. He dreams of revenge as the company falls to his step-father Kang Hyeon Chul (Park Young Kyu) as soon as his father dies.

During revenge, Kang Min Ho is torn between revenge and love as he falls in love with Kim Soon Jung (Kim So Yeon), who betrays his family.

7. Hospital Playlist 

Hospital Playlist thumbnail

tvN’s “Hospital Playlist” is a medical drama about people who live special lives as if they are ordinary in a hospital where someone can be born at the same time as someone’s death. The story revolves around a group of doctors who have been friends for 20 years. Season 1 (12 episodes) was aired in 2020 and season 2 (12 episodes) was broadcast in 2021.

Jung Kyung Ho played Kim Jun Wan, head of the thoracic surgery department at Yulje Hospital.

8. “Crash Course in Romance”  

Jung Kyungho

In tvN’s ongoing drama “Crash Course in Romance”, Jung Kyung Ho plays Choi Chi Yeol, a math teacher with “an economic value of 1 trillion won”.

Choi Chi Yeol is tough and sensitive on the outside, but suffers from malnutrition due to insomnia and eating disorders.

Choi Chi Yeol meets and falls in love with Nam Haeng Seon (Jeon Do Yeon), a former national athlete who runs a side dish store with side dishes that taste the same as the food made by Jung Young Soon (Kim Mi Kyung), the restaurant owner who served Choi Chi Yeol when he was a high school student. 

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