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Jessi has 2 weeks left of her contract. Yoo Jae Seok: “Go to Antenna”

Famous Korean rapper Jessi shared on “Sixth Sense 3” that she would go to record label Antenna. 

On the June 3rd episode of tvN entertainment program “Sixth Sense 3”, actor Lee Sang Yeop, whose contract recently expired, and rapper Jessi, whose contract expires in 2 weeks, appeared. 

The episode started with Jessi finding a yellow building and running towards it, saying that it went well with the yellow top she was wearing. At this, Oh Nara and Mijoo pretended not to see Jessi, saying: “Where is Mijoo?”

Sixth Sense 3

Lee Sang Yeop also joined in the fun, causing Jessi to get excited. As Yoo Jae Seok appeared, the rest of the cast were still pretending to look for Jessi. The MC bluntly pointed to Jessi, ending the joke and making everyone laugh. 

Sixth Sense 3
Yoo Jae Seok and Jessi on “Sixth Sense 3” 

Yoo Jae Seok then asked Lee Sang Yeop: “You became a free agent, how did it go?”, since the actor’s contract just expired. He then asked Jessi, whose contract was ending, if she would join the record label Antenna. Jessi mulled over it, saying: “It’s not bad. Singing, rapping, concert, acting, I’m going to go to Antenna.” 

Lee Sang Yeop also chimed in, asking if he should join in for the acting. At this Yoo Jae Seok got embarrassed, saying: “At this rate, shouldn’t the company name be changed to Sixth Sense?”

The tvN entertainment program “Sixth Sense 3” airs every Friday at 8:40 pm (KST). 

Source: Nate

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