iKON Koo Jun Hoe: “I seem to have been too honest and blunt recently”

iKON member Koo Jun Hoe shared on “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic” that these days, he was unnecessarily honest.

The June 3rd episode of Channel A’s “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic” featured iKON members Bobby, Koo Jun Hoe, and Kim Dong Hyuk.

Koo Jun-hoe

On this day, the members said they are worried about Koo Jun Hoe’s extreme honesty. In particular, Bobby said: “When we six people get interviewed, I’m often taken aback when Jun Hoe says something. I trust the production team to take good care of this friend if he shares something strange.”

Koo Jun-hoe

To this, Koo Jun Hoe responded: “Recently, I’ve been overly honest. For example, there was an interview after we released an album, and I was asked to recommend a good song from the album, but I don’t have any song to say.”

Then, he continued to the astonishment of everyone: “Everything was good, but not impressive enough.”

Koo Jun-hoe

The male idol also shared another occasion: “It has been a while since our last comeback, so I was asked to say something to the fans. But I just went ‘I’m sorry’ and made everyone nervous. Even now, I think that was too blunt.”

Source: Daum

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