BLACKPINK Rosé and her 5 tips to dress up for the summer that everyone can follow

When it comes to summer fashion, BLACKPINK Rosé is the one to go to

Alongside her musical talents, BLACKPINK Rosé is also admired for her eye-catching fashion styles. In the summer particularly, Rosé easily rocks casual, yet super trendy outfits, and below are 5 tips and items most preferred by the idol. Follow these mix-and-matches to look just as fashionable as Rosé does. 

1. T-shirts

T-shirts are a summer classic, so of course Rosé would opt for this item when summer comes. The female idol owns a wide variety of T-shirts, from basic tees, graphic shirts, from baggy styles to more body-hugging ones. Just combine a T-shirt with shorts, jeans, or skirt, and Rosé is already super eye-catching and youthful. In addition, the female idol would often tuck in her shirts to highlight her slim waist. 

2. Ton sur ton 

Another chic, yet simple dressing style of Rosé is ton sur ton, or, wearing matching colors for the entire outfit. 

Even the least experienced fashion novice will easily follow the ton sur ton style, seeing that all you need to do is put on a top and bottom of the same color. For Rosé, her ton sur ton go-to would be crop top mixed with skirts or trousers, to highlight her long legs and tiny waist, as well as exude an energetic vibe. Patterns will also be a great addition to this look, and can create a visual effect that makes the wearer taller and slimmer. 

3. Puffy sleeves

For those into a more feminine and classy look, you may check out Rosé’s outfits with puffy sleeves. As the puffy tops are already outstanding and feminine, Rosé often combined them with denim bottoms to give off a more youthful aura. In addition, the idol would lay low on the accessories, and only focus on embellishing her hair with bows, buns, or ponytails. 

4. Blouses

Classic and feminie blouses are also must-have items within Rosé’s wardrobe. In addition, they are super easy to match, and you’d only need shorts or a basic A-line skirt. Neck details, sleeve details, or a cropped waist would also bring more uniqueness for outfits with blouses. 

5. Floral patterns 

Finally, nothing radiates summer vibes as hard as floral patterns do. Rosé is no exception to this hype, and would often adorn floral sundresses, matching floral suits, or floral gowns with a sweetheart neckline, exuding femininity. The female idol also once went viral for mixing a floral dress with jeans for a more daring yet refreshing look.

Source: K14

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