Wake One Management Faces Backlash as Ricky and Zhanghao Encounter Passport Issue at Airport

Ricky and Zhanghao had an accident on their way to Jeju

On the morning of June 11th, ZB1 had a scheduled flight to Jeju for a reality show filming. However, according to regulations for domestic flights in South Korea (specifically to Jeju), a passport is still required for foreign nationals. Both Zhanghao and Ricky, who are Chinese members, encountered difficulties during the process as they had visas but didn’t bring passports. Zhanghao luckily managed to check in using a photo of his passport on his phone, while Ricky was reportedly forced to wait for a later flight.

This situation has led fans to express frustration with the company’s lack of responsibility for not informing the Chinese members, resulting in their lack of preparation. Additionally, the reality show is said to continue filming with an 8-member lineup excluding Ricky, further fueling fans’ dissatisfaction and their demand for fair treatment of all group members by the company.

Currently, Wake One has not issued an official statement regarding the incident.

Source: fb

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