The secret behind Lee Byung-hun’s clearing debt: Wearing Robocop costume attending nightclub event

Actor Lee Byung-hun’s unexpected past was revealed in “Entertainment company Live”.

On the December 3 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment company Live”, a chart under the theme of “stars who cleared a billion-won debt” was mentioned. Lee Byung-hun drew attention by ranking 7th. His father, who used to be in the construction industry, suffered from financial difficulties due to the expansion of his Vietnamese business. Lee Byung-hun once confessed in an entertainment show, “Both I and my father didn’t have enough money, so he borrowed money from people around him and got into debt.”

Lee Byung-hun‘s father passed away a week after collapsing from the shock of business failure. The debt was borne by the actor.

Lee Byung-hun's clearing debt

Lee Byung-hun shared, “I became a living character and did everything I could to pay off the debt. I filmed an advertisement for a study book wearing a Robocop costume. I also went to a nightclub event in Busan after filming in Gwangju.”

At that time, the debt that Lee Byung-hun had to pay off was more than 1 billion won. As a result of focusing on broadcasting activities, he was able to clear the debt in 3 years. Lee Byung-hun said, “I paid off my debt and bought a house after a few years.”

Lee Byung-hun's clearing debt
Lee Byung-hun's clearing debt


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