(G)I-DLE Soyeon got furious at the playful attitude of a “Fantasy Boys” trainee

Soyeon of (G)I-DLE pointed out the attitude of a trainee on “Fantasy Boys”, who lacks seriousness. 

On the April 6th episode of the MBC audition program “Fantasy Boys”, competitors were shown practicing late into the night before their grade re-evaluation. Here, after the evaluation of grades 1 and 2, Jeon Soyeon told the grade 3 students that she would grant a special benefit to only one of them.


Hearing this, the boys showed their best singing and dancing. However, during the evaluation of Moon Jaeyoung, Jeon Soyeon couldn’t hide her angry expression.

In particular, Moon Jaeyoung came out talking to himself, saying, “I couldn’t relax my throat, this is a big deal”. Then, he proceeded to showcase his singing and dancing, which were off-beat and made viewers frown. 


As the producer, Jeon Soyeon expressed her disappointment with Moon Jaeyoung’s performance by saying, “You know it’s a bit disappointing, right?“, to which Moon Jaeyoung replied “Yes, I’m very disappointed”, while smiling innocently.

Then, when Jeon Soyeon angrily asked, “Is this your real skill?“, Moon Jaeyoung still kept an innocent face and quickly admitted, “Yes, it is,” creating an awkward atmosphere.


Jeon Soyeon began giving feedback on the song with a calm mind. However, Moon Jaeyoung continued to laugh and refused to sing again, saying, “I’m sorry, but I don’t think my voice will come out at all.” This made the other trainees start to feel uneasy as well.

Suppressing her anger again, Jeon Soyeon said, “So you’re not going to do it? If (your singing) doesn’t work, are you not going to be a singer anymore?” 


However, Moon Jaeyoung’s attitude remained innocently cheerful, which made Jeon Soyeon say, “Jaeyoung, I don’t know what to do because every time I ask, you say ‘I can’t do it.’ Also, I think you need to fix your mindset first when it comes to singing and dancing.”

Finally, in the heavy atmosphere, Moon Jaeyoung took the smile off his face and responded.


Netizens who saw the scene left comments such as, “I can feel Jeon Soyeon trying to hold back her anger”, “At this level, it seems like he doesn’t even think about debuting,” and “He really needs to fix his mindset first.”

Source: Insight

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