BLACKPINK to release a comeback album and tour schedule in the 2nd half of 2022 

Korea Investment & Securities said that YG Entertainment has begun to rebound.

Park Ha-kyung, a researcher at Korea Investment & Securities, said, “The agency’s entire lineup is active this year, alongside the growth of its rookie group, the global fandom expansion of its existing groups also stand out.”

“If BLACKPINK Rosé and TREASURE‘s sales reached 620,000 and 310,000 copies, respectively, out of 950,000 copies sold in the first quarter of last year, TREASURE accounted for 800,000 out of 950,000 in the first quarter of this year,” she said. “The agency has already planned its activities for the whole year, for example, iKON and WINNER‘s activities are expected in the second quarter while BLACKPINK’s album activities and tours are planned for the second half.

In addition, BIGBANG does not contribute much to YG’s performance as the group doesn’t release an album, but it is possible for them to raise its profit estimate by holding a tour in the second half of the year. Korea Investment & Securities Co. predicted YG’s album sales this year will increase by 85% compared to last year to 4.6 million copies as most of YG Entertainment’s artists will come back.


In addition, the resumption of offline concerts is expected to improve the performance of YG’s main job and its subsidiary YG PLUS.

Researcher Park said, “Despite the expansion of BLACKPINK’s global fandom, MD (goods) sales in 2021 are only 6 billion won, up only 15% from the previous year, which is lower than in 2019. However, based on the domestic concerts and world tours in the upcoming second half, MD sales are expected to increase 35% from last year.”

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