How did Miyeon ((G)I-DLE) change to become the most beautiful idol in K-pop?

Thanks to the successful makeover, Miyeon ((G)I-DLE)’s visual is being loved the most in K-pop.

She is extremely outstanding when standing next to top visuals like Taeyeon (SNSD) or Sana (TWICE).

Miyeon ((G)I-DLE) was not previously a prominent member of the group, despite attracting attention since her debut. However, she has successfully captivated the public’s hearts, becoming one of the current Kpop popular visuals, thanks to her relentless efforts. Miyeon recently drew even more admiration from netizens when she flaunted her stunning beauty in photos taken with SNSD Taeyeon and TWICE Sana.

Miyeon Sana
Miyeon is considered to be a successful fangirl when she meets Sana many times.

Miyeon is said to not be inferior to Taeyeon or Sana when taking photos together

On August 7, Miyeon posted behind-the-scenes photos of “Amazing Saturday”.  The most notable is the image of her taking a selfie with Taeyeon (SNSD).  The two female idols’ sweet and stunning attractiveness rapidly became the talk of the town.

Besides Taeyeon’s ageless beauty, Miyeon received more and more praise for her increasingly upgraded visuals.  Her facial features have become more harmonious and delicate than before.

Miyeon Taeyeon
This double visual has made netizens extremely satisfied.

Before that, Miyeon also made fans wide-eyed when showing off photos taken with Sana (TWICE).  Sana’s luxurious look is unexpectedly harmonious with Miyeon’s pure and lovely beauty. Netizens commented that each exuded their own charms but naturally matched each other.

Despite being in two different groups, Sana and Miyeon have a very strong friendship. The two female idols even once wowed fans by doing couple-nails.

Miyeon Sana

Perfect makeover after weight loss

Since debuting with (G)I-DLE, Miyeon is considered an attractive beauty. However, the impression that her beauty left was too faint, not very prominent. At that time, she owned a somewhat round face with chubby cheeks. This makes her overall lines look not elegant and a little bit heavy. Although Miyeon’s body is quite slim, these imperfect points give an impression that the female idol is gaining weight.


Currently, the (G)I-DLE member has changed a lot compared to her previous appearance. The gentle, not-so-impressive appearance now gives way to sharp, attractive lines. Thanks to weight loss, Miyeon’s face and chin have become much slimmer. Miyeon’s tilt angle has even become the hottest topic in many Korean online communities.

Since mid-2019, with her efforts to lose weight, she has had a spectacular makeover and has continuously received many compliments for her perfect visuals on SNS. Currently, Knetizens are voting for Miyeon as one of the most beautiful idols of K-pop.

Miyeon is receiving a lot of love from the public.
Miyeon is receiving a lot of love from the public.

Recently, netizens also called Miyeon the most beautiful female idol. Some netizens even compared her to popular visuals like Jisoo (BLACKPINK) or Irene (Red Velvet). In addition, she has continuously participated in many music shows or movie projects. This has further helped the (G)-IDLE member improve her reputation.

Recently, Miyeon’s beauty has risen to unbelievable levels.

Before debuting as the main vocal of (G)I-DLE, Miyeon was known a lot through the title of “missing member” of BLACKPINK. Thanks to her talent and perfect beauty, she became the most popular member of (G)-IDLE.


Miyeon is gradually showing her attractiveness in her music career. With her endless efforts, Miyeon promises to bring many new surprises to fans.

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