aespa Karina boasts 3 stylings for “Spicy”, from high teen to Harley Quinn

As aespa return with the new title “Spicy”, the 3 stylings of Karina in the MV are gaining attention among netizens.

On May 8th, aespa released their latest title “Spicy”, a dance song with a strong synth bass sound and dynamic beat, as well as a refreshing and high teen energy vibe, making it perfect for summer.

Upon release, aespa’s album, “My World”, sold a total of 1,372,929 copies on the first day, which is about double the sales of their previous album. At the same time, aespa has become the Kpop girl group with the highest first-day sales for one album in Hanteo history.

aespa’s new song, “Spicy”, also attracted fans’ attention with its different atmosphere from the group’s previous releases, which showcased a fierce “KWANGYA” worldview.

In particular, Karina’s styling in the “Spicy” music video, released simultaneously with the song, has become a hot topic among fans.

The “Spicy” MV shows aespa members in three different stylings: a bubbly high teen look, a chic and funky vibe, as well as a flashy and kitschy style. Among them, Karina’s perfect AI-like visuals have captured netizens’ attention.


As a result, on May 8th, an online community discussed which styling suits Karina the best among the 3. The first styling features Karina in blonde hair and pink accessories, giving off an American high teen vibe and “Prom Queen” style.

Here, Karina’s facial structure and fair skin easily complement the colorful styling without clashing. The lush grass and blue sky are a perfect match for her “Prom Queen” appearance.

Meanwhile, the second styling features a daring smokey makeup look that Karina has not tried before. The all-black outfit and her blonde hair also add a funky touch, while a crop top and black skinny jeans emphasize Karina’s slim figure. 

Lastly, Karina sports flashy pink hair with glittery eye makeup, reminiscent of the character “Harley Quinn”. With pink hair tied into messy double buns and a pink tube top, a kitschy vibe is clearly visible. This styling catches the eye with its dazzling look, contrasting with the previous ones.

In fact, prior to the comeback, Karina already took fans by surprise with her eye-catching blond hair, which makes the female idol look like a Barbie doll. 

Netizens who saw Karina’s perfect three stylings in the music video reacted with various comments such as, “How can we choose one?”, “No. 1 is conventionally pretty,” “No. 2 is a perfect match for a concept we haven’t seen before,” and “No. 3 is a real eye-catcher.”

Meanwhile, “My World” is released about 10 months after aespa’s previous album, “Girls”, was unveiled in July last year. Opening up season 2 of aespa’s world view, “My World” consists of a total of six tracks, telling the story of aespa members returning from KWANGYA to the REAL WORLD.

Source: Insight

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