IVE Parodies Dating Shows with A Twist: Who Will Be the Final Couple?

IVE showcases their variety skills through their own reality show “1,2,3 IVE” Season 3 released on their official YouTube channel on May 8th.

In the second episode of “1,2,3 IVE”, following the first episode where the six members set out to find someone they like, their various attempts were showcased. 

IVE caught the attention of viewers with their witty parody of popular dating really shows such as “Single’s Inferno”, “Transit Love”, “Heart Signal”, “Love Catcher.”  

When all IVE members gathered in one place, they played a game where they picked the person who first caught their attention and confirmed their feelings. 


IVE expressed their affection towards the person they liked, resulting in Liz and Gaeul choosing Rei and Jang Wonyoung choosing Leeseo. Ahn Yujin was not chosen by anyone.

Ahn Yujin’s affection was towards Rei, who received the “Signal Catcher” mission before the final selection. Rei chose Liz and succeeded in matching with her. Leeseo also chose Jang Wonyoung so they matched. 

However, a twist was revealed at the end of the episode. Although Rei had chosen Liz, the bell did not ring. It was revealed that Rei had received the “Signal Catcher” mission before the show started. Instead of ringing the bell at the final selection, Rei chose a gift card and secretly completed the mission of saying “V” in front of the camera after every game.

As a “Signal Catcher,” Rei was determined to steal everyone’s hearts and succeeded. Only Leeseo and Jang Wonyoung became the “True Couple.” Liz, who was betrayed by Rei, was in shock. Ahn Yujin was also chosen as a “Signal Catcher,” but failed to win the gift card by choosing Rei without knowing about the existence of another “Signal Catcher.”

Even after the selection was over, Liz joked by saying “I wasn’t acting, it was real,” showing her over-immersion. Rei tried to comfort Liz and make her feel better.

“1,2,3 IVE” Season 3 is released every Monday at 11 PM KST on IVE’s official YouTube channel.

Source: daum

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