Dr. Oh Eun Young: “It’s a terrible feeling to be painted as someone who ignores child molestation”

Dr. Oh Eun Young updated her official position regarding MBC’s “Oh Eun Young’s Report – Marriage Hell” on Dec 19th.

On Dec 23rd, Dr. Oh Eun Young issued an official statement to express her position on the issue of child sexual harassment on her show “Oh Eun Young’s Report – Marriage Hell” on MBC.

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She apologized, “Above all, I’m very sorry for having to share this statement to viewers who have given us so much love all this time,” and added, “I saw a lot of people worried and angry after watching the recently aired episode of the Go-Stop Couple. I am also well aware that this issue is a very important one, especially the welfare and safety of children. However, there were some parts that were delivered differently from my intention because my opinion was not sufficiently reflected in the broadcast, which is why I would like to carefully inform you with some facts,” she said.

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Dr. Oh said, “I have been absolutely opposed to physical punishment for a long time,” adding, “I also had a lot of concerns regarding the pre-shot scene that shocked many viewers. Of course, I have strongly pointed out to the cast’s husband that no matter how good the intentions were, ‘you never touch the child’s body or do problematic actions against the child’s will’. Since then, there have been many changes in the way the cast’s husband treats the child. However, in the process of editing more than five hours of footage into an 80-minute episode, it was inevitable that many of these contents were not included, due to which I am feeling very miserable to be painted as someone who ignores child molestation.”

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She also said, “The mention of ‘the child is very sensitive to physical touches’ on the show was not about the daughter of this couple,” and stressed, “It was never an explanation that the child was to blame or to defend the husband’s behavior.”

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In addition, Dr. Oh Eun Young said, “The most worrisome thing right now is the child. I will actively support anything so that she can grow up well. I would like to thank the viewers for their warm interest, concern, and appreciation for the child. ‘Oh Eun Young’s Report’ production team and I will continue to keep watch of them together so that you don’t have to worry. In addition, I will take the harsh criticism and advice deeply in my heart as a lesson for me to grow,” she said.

Source: Sports Chosun

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