IU was touched by long letter from fan…”Please don’t worry”

Singer-actress IU did not lose her vitamin-like charm despite her busy schedule.

On May 13th, a video titled “[IU] ‘DREAM’ Stage Greetings Behind Film” was uploaded on IU’s YouTube channel “IU Official”. The video showed IU digesting schedules such as press conference and stage greeting with “Dream” actors such as Park Seo Joon, Kim Jong Soo, Ko Chang Seok and Jung Seung Gil.


First of all, IU introduced at the press conference, “Hello, this is IU. I played the role of ‘Lee So Min’ in ‘Dream’. This film contains warmth and refreshing elements to it.” While digesting the stage greeting schedule, she waved her hands and greeted fans brightly from start to finish. After reading a long letter from a fan, she said, “We met for the first time at the stage greeting of ‘Broker’ and it was written in the letter that my hands were so cold when we shook hands.” She reassured the fan, “My hands are always cold. Please don’t worry.


Meanwhile, on May 9th, an ordinary person called A accused IU of violating the copyright law, saying that there was plagiarism in 6 songs released by IU. Afterwards, IU’s agency heralded strong legal response, “It is evident that a third party unrelated to copyright is targeting only IU, purely to damage the artist’s image.

Source: Nate

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