Is Jo In-sung Getting Married? Kim Young-ok’s Passing? Insider Gossip Turns into Fake News Frenzy

It is unclear where the recent flow of fake news surrounding celebrities in Korea originated from in the first place

Nevertheless, it’s astonishing how many people actually believe such fake news. Blatant fabricated rumors and insider gossip are circulating on social media, causing distress to many people.

While the definitions of “fake news” and “insider gossip” are not entirely identical, they share similarities. Fake news refers to presenting false information in the format of news, making it appear as though it’s factual. Even though the content is untrue, its news-like presentation often leads people to believe it.

jo in sung

On the other hand, insider gossip originally started in the industry. Rumors circulating discreetly among people in the industry would spread. What sets insider gossip apart from fake news is that it could contain both real information and made-up stories presented as facts. In the past, people used to receive insider gossip with skepticism, considering it as jokes, but nowadays, it is often accepted without question.

Recently, insider gossip, which was cautiously circulated by some individuals, has become even more destructive when it merges with fake news. It spreads rapidly through social media platforms.

Not long ago, fake news spread on online communities and social media claiming that actor Jo In-sung and broadcaster Park Sun-young were planning to get married. Both parties then clarified that the marriage rumors were not true.

Kim Young-ok

Similarly, veteran actress Kim Young-ok was caught up in rumors of passing away. She appeared on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ and explained, “People keep saying that I’ve died. They were all surprised by the fake news. Some even said they cried for a long time.”

TV host Kim Gura also shared his experience as a victim of fake news on ‘Radio Star’ in December of last year. He said, “I’m also a victim of fake news. My wife went to her parents’ house because of childcare. We’ve been living apart for a few days. So, when I said we were living separately, they labeled it as ‘Kim Gura’s divorce.'”

Baek Jong-won

Baek Jong-won also suffered from fake news claiming he had a rare disease. He personally clarified, “Many people are concerned about my health status, but I am doing very well and in good health.”

Both insider gossip and fake news contain false information, which is why they are under significant police investigation.

Source: daum

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