Lee Jong-seok X Park Eun-bin X Jin-gu, “The Witch 2” will be released as a rated-15

Recently, the Korea Media Rating Board caught the attention by announcing that the movie “The Witch 2” received an age rating of 15 or older.


If you look closely, “The Witch 2” receives a “15-year-old and above” in terms of subject, violence, swearing, and horror category, a “12-year-old and above” for the drug and imitation risk category, and a “general audience” in the sensitivity category.

The video rating committee explained, “Scenes where harsh swear words are used and scenes of unrealistic killing accompanied by blood were shown several times at a rather high level, but those are not specific, so people aged 15 or older can watch.”


“The Witch 2″ depicts the story of murdering clones chasing a subject girl who escaped from a secret laboratory. The running time is 137 minutes, which is more than part 1.


This movie is the sequel to “The Witch” starring Kim Da-mi, Park Hee-soon, Choi Woo-sik, and Ko Min-si which attracted more than 3 million viewers.

In “The Witch 2,” Lee Jong-seok, Park Eun-bin, Jin-gu, Shin si-ah, and Seo Eun-soo will show their excellent performances. Following its prequel, Kim Da-mi will also make a special appearance.

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Director Park Hoon-jung, who was recognized for his storytelling ability, also directed “The Witch 2” following “The Witch.”

Attention is focusing on whether director Park Hoon-jung will be able to establish “The Witch” series as a popular franchise.

The exact release date of “The Witch 2” has not been set yet. However, investment distributor NEW has announced that it is considering releasing “The Witch 2” in June, leaving various possibilities open.

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