“The Witch 2” starring Kim Da-mi, Lee Jong-suk is coming to theaters in June

“The Witch: The Other One”, the follow-up season of “The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion” whose title itself has become a genre, is said to be released in June. 

The Witch 2 The Other One

According to Ten Asia on March 24th, “The Witch 2” (Director Park Hoon-jung) starring Shin Si-a, Kim Da-mi and Lee Jong-suk was originally scheduled to be released in the first half, but was postponed to the second half due to the spread of COVID-19.

The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion“, the previous work of “The Witch 2“, was released in 2018 and attracted 3.18 million viewers. Kim Da-mi broke through the competition rate of 1,500 to 1 to be selected as the main character. She increased her presence by showing unrivaled acting skills that are not like a rookie.

On March 25th, an official in the film industry mentioned “The Witch 2”, saying, “The movie ‘The Witch: The Other One’ has provisionally confirmed its release date in June”, adding, “I heard June was chosen as the month to boost the performance of the movie industry, which has been slowed down due to Covid-19 pandemic, and to quench the thirst of moviegoers who have been waiting for the release of a new Korean masterpiece”.

The Witch 2 The Other One

The official continued, “‘The Witch: The Other One’ will also become a great stimulus for other Chungmuro masterpieces that are hesitant to release”, adding, “Hope that this movie will help restore the balance of the theater lineup, which has been dominated by Hollywood blockbusters”

The Witch 2 (The Witch: The Other One)” has attracted lots of attention even before its production thanks to the great success of its previous work “The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion

Rookie actress Shin Si-a was also selected for the lead role in “The Witch 2” through the competition rate of 1,408 to 1, raising expectations. On top of that, actor Lee Jong-suk chose “The Witch 2” as his comeback film after being discharged from the military, and people are paying attention to the fact that Kim Da-mi, the heroine of the previous work, is scheduled to make a special appearance. Director Park Hoon-jung of “The Witch” will return and direct the follow-up work.

As many articles have reported about its release date, “The Witch 2” would definitely become one of the most-discussed movies of this year.

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