Kim Gap Soo apologized to Park Eun Bin, but criticized another actor “There was another person who was too extra”

Poet-cultural critic Kim Gap Soo apologized after criticizing Park Eun Bin’s Grand Prize acceptance speech. However, he criticized another actor.

Critic Kim Gap Soo appeared as a guest on the YouTube channel “Jung Young Jin, Choi Wook’s Maebul Show” (hereinafter referred to as “Maebul Show”) on May 8th. Choi Wook told critic Kim Gap Soo, “You criticized (Park Eun Bin’s) attitude towards winning the award. You criticized her rigidity by saying ‘Don’t cry’, ‘You’re overly emotional’, ‘Stop greeting’… There were more than 500 articles about this issue. People wonder if it’s noise marketing.


Critic Kim apologized, “If it sounded like that even though I had no intention of targeting Park Eun Bin, I was wrong when I said it.” Jung Young Jin and Choi Wook then clapped their hands.

Critic Kim explained, “Words such as ‘It’s awkward to express gratitude without content in an acceptance speech’, ‘Excessive behavior in the name of courtesy’ were usually my pet theories.


He continued, “There was another person who was too extra, but I mentioned Park Eun Bin, the winner of the Grand Prize, because that person had no presence. When I talked about the act of crying with joy, my expression became a mockery of people. I just wanted people to think about emotional control or excessive behaviors at least once.

He emphasized, “Park Eun Bin’s acceptance speech was good. I forgot to mention that the content was good. Park Eun Bin is a great actress and I had no intention of targeting her.

However, he refuted the request to apologize to the public, saying, “Although I didn’t express my thoughts well, it doesn’t mean that I’m wrong.


On May 1st, when appearing on “Maebul Show”, critic Kim said, “Park Eun Bin won the Grand Prize. She is a great actress and will continue to do well. However, she should not trigger emotions in front of others in any case.

He added, “If she is over 18, she needs to have dignity. Learn from Song Hye Kyo.

After critic Kim’s remarks came out, some pointed out that the remarks which criticized or compared specific actors were rude.

Source: Wikitree

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