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MCs of a dating show, which doesn’t divide the men and women’s dorm, are shocked by the unprecedented skinship between the cast

The camera captured the secret moments between 2 cast members who are appearing in a love program which allows the male and female cast to sleep in the same bed.

In the seventh episode of iHQ “Eden,” which was recently broadcast, nine men and women were depicted ahead of the last night.

Eden Descendants of Instinct

Kim Joo-yeon, who took the “bed decision right” on the day, placed Lee Jung-hyun and Kim Na-yeon in one room. The two were assigned the same room as they wanted and had a sweet night date.

Lee Jung-hyun responded after receiving Kim Na-yeon’s proposal to share a bed. The two lay side by side on the bed and talked.

Eden Descendants of Instinct

When Lee Jung-hyun said he liked her first, Kim Na-yeon said, “This is cute. You are cute. Do you know why I like you? Because you are the most careful with me. You have the brightest eyes out of the four,” she confessed.

Lee Jung-hyun replied, “I like you the best because you are honest,” and Kim Na-yeon smiled, saying, “Thank you for coming to me.”

Eden Descendants of Instinct

At that moment, Lee Jung-hyun suddenly got out of bed, headed to the bathroom, and took off his top, saying it was too hot.

MC Yoon Bo-mi, Lee Hong-ki, and Simeez couldn’t close their mouths because they haven’t seen such a scene in Korean broadcasting history.

Eden Descendants of Instinct

Back in bed, Lee Jung-hyun stroked Kim Na-yeon’s body and touched her without hesitation.

As the atmosphere deepened, the two continued to touch each other while covering themselves with the blanket from head to toe, drawing attention.

Eden Descendants of Instinct

Viewers who watched the show commented, “Now I know why they never mix the men and women’s dorms on dating programs…LOL”, “Those two will have to get married now,” “This is not sweet, it’s kinda peculiar LOL,” showing various reactions to the scene.

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