“Overcome 7-year curse”… SEVENTEEN members are so close that they exchange cheek kisses

SEVENTEEN members showed off their relationship to the point of exchanging cheek kisses.

Recently, SEVENTEEN members Boo Seung-kwan, Jeonghan and Kim Min-gyu posted four-cut through their respective Instagrams.

In the photos, SEVENTEEN members, who were having a get-together, found a four-cut booth and spontaneously took pictures.

seventeen mingyu instagram

Perhaps because pictures were taken after a pleasant dinner, the members’ tension was high, making even viewers laugh.

In particular, DK and Mingyu drew attention by sticking their lips forward and leaving deep kisses on Jeonghan’s cheek.

DK laughed so hard that his cheekbones exploded as he received skinship from the members, who are no different from “true friends”.


Boo Seung-kwan also boasted SEVENTEEN’s strong friendship by receiving cheek kisses full of affection from S.Coups and Mingyu.

Netizens showed various reactions such as “Can’t believe that male friends can kiss each other on the cheek” and “It’s cool to have skinship that’s only possible if you’re really close.”

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN, which debuted in 2015, recently overcame the “7-year curse” and renewed their contract with the agency Pledis Entertainment.


Attention is focused on what kind of activities SEVENTEEN, which continues to be active with mutual trust, will perform in the future.

Source: insight

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