The reason why YG maintain their silent amid BLACKPINK Jennie’s serious privacy leak

Hankook Ilbo believes that YG stays silent despite Jennie suffering from leak photos is because the company is trying to avoid financial damages 

On September 28th, the Korean media site Hankook Ilbo covered BLACKPINK Jennie’s series of alleged “leak photos”. Other than pictures taken with BTS V, there’s also a photo of Jennie in the bathtub that’s being spreaded. This photo, in particular, invoked enragement among fans, who demanded for Big Hit Music (V’s agency) and YG Entertainment (Jennie’s agency) to speak up and take countermeasures against the privacy breach. 

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Neitzens also believe that it’s more important for the companies to protect their artists rather than confirming the truth behind Jennie and V’s dating rumors. Regarding the silence, however, Hankook Ilbo explained that both YG and HYBE (parent company of Big Hit Music), may be finding themselves in a tight spot. 

In particular, Hankook Ilbo believes that the two agencies refused to make comments since the rumors are rather sensitive, and have to do with the private lives of their artists as well as future activities. YG Entertainment and HYBE are keeping their silence in order to stop the spread of further rumors, the news site claimed, for if Jennie and V are not actually dating, the fiasco will mean that they did a poor job at doing business and artist management.

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V and Jennie’s dating rumors have been the talk of town for the past months 

On the other hand, even if V and Jennie are actually an item, it’s not easy to admit to such a relationship, seeing that BTS and BLACKPINK are enjoying global popularity with huge fan bases. In the point of view of the two entertainment agencies, confirmation may incur serious financial consequences. 

It was a risky decision for the company to publicly admit that the two stars were dating. All of the above reasons combined make YG Entertainment unable to speak up even when Jennie’s private photos are constantly being leaked.

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Recently, Jennie’s fanbases have repeatedly criticized the hacker for invading privacy and degrading the image of the female idol. They also showed serious frustration when her management company, YG Entertainment, did not make any statements about this issue and took legal action against the hacker.

The audience criticized, “Why doesn’t YG make any official announcement about this issue?”, “We demand YG Ent. to show their clear position and take responsibility in protecting their artists. Their silence is the main reason why the rumors and malicious comments keep spreading. They need to take immediate legal action in order to protect Jennie from those that can hurt her.”

Source: zing

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