Visual + Live singing + Love for fans… BTS V created another legendary appearance at the 2022 TMA Awards

BTS V fluttered the hearts of fans around the world by renewing “The Fact V” image with his dazzling visual and perfect physique.

Boy group BTS attended the 2022 THE FACT Music Awards (2022 TMA), which was held face-to-face for the first time in three years, on October 8th and won Daesang (Grand Prize) for the 5th consecutive year. In addition, they took home a total of 7 trophies, including Artist of the Year, Idol Plus Popularity Award, Fan N Star Most Voted and Fan N Star Global. 

V appeared at the award ceremony in an all-black suit and long coat. He flaunted his visual with black hair cut in moderate length and slightly lowered bangs, drawing attention by giving off a mysterious aura reminiscent of a movie character.


V once again renewed his legendary “The Fact V” look, which was named to refer to his surprise appearance in black hair at THE FACT Music Awards in 2019. Winning Fan N Star Most Voted for two consecutive years, V expressed his feelings, saying “ARMYs. This award feels more special to us than any other award. I think we were able to receive this award thanks to each ARMY who voted for us. Thank you. We’ll try to grow more to suit the name ‘most voted singer’ BTS”, delivering his extraordinary affection for fans.

When taking the stage to receive Daesang, V shared, “We still have a concert in Busan and we’re going to do something really amazing there. This award, the gift that ARMYs gave us, we will pay you back at the Busan concert”, expressing his determination.

V, who had a problem with his in-ear earlier, said, “I just gained back my sense after the shock in my ear. I will try to do my best”, showing his side as a professional singer who did not lose his composure even in unexpected situations.


While BTS was performing “Yet To Come” and “For Youth”, V led the songs to the climax with his stable vocal as well as his warm and sweet voice in middle and low tones. He also gave a cool and refreshing atmosphere with his high notes.

V’s abundant vocals and wide range of low and high notes made BTS’s spectacular stage become even more perfect. In particular, V, who did the ending of “For Youth”, left a lingering impression by conveying deep affection with his soft and soulful voice.

Among the hot topics related to “THE FACT Music Awards” on Google Trends, V proved his overwhelming popularity and reputation by topping the list.


After the award ceremony, V went on the fan community Weverse and wrote “It’s been a while since I was able to hear ARMYs’ cheers… I was so happy”. He added purple hearts in his pose, impressing everyone with his huge love for fans.

Fans reacted enthusiastically, saying “I was so surprised that his face was like that of a teenage idol. V is really a ‘Millennium idol’”, “‘The Fact V’ is getting better every year”, “I was amazed by Tae-hyung’s handsomeness”, “The shock from the in-ear would have hurt him a lot”, “V’s face is so amazing and his voice is a treasure”, “Kim Tae-hyung + coat is the best”, etc. 

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