Viewers were shocked at the high level of the kiss scene performed by famous idol actors in “The Golden Spoon”

Yook Sung-jae and Yeon-woo shared a hot kiss in “The Golden Spoon”.

In a recent episode of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Golden Spoon”, which aired on October 29th, Lee Seung-cheon (Yook Sung-jae), who blamed himself for stealing the golden spoon, was seen getting drunk.

In this broadcast, Oh Yeo-jin (Yeon-woo) visited Lee Seung-cheon, who was drinking alone at a bar. Pouring out more alcohol, Lee Seung-cheon said he lost to Hwang Tae-yong.

the golden spoon yook sung jae

Seung-cheon confessed, “He had a golden spoon. Do you know what I did wrong to Hwang Tae-yong today? I stole his golden spoon and replaced it with a fake one”.

He continued, “I was afraid that he would become Hwang Tae-yong again. And because I didn’t want to go back to being Lee Seung-cheon. But he chose my parents. I thought he would also use the golden spoon. I thought he would leave his parents behind and become a chairman. I’m so trash”, criticizing himself.

Oh Yeo-jin responded, “How does that matter? We wanted to be rich, and a chance came so we just took it for a change. Many other people would also do the same thing”.

She continued, “What should I do if you did that? I was not lonely anymore because I had you, who was just like me. I don’t care if people curse at me. I only need you”, trying to comfort Lee Seung-cheon. Lee Seung-cheon then kissed Oh Yeo-jin.

the golden spoon yook sung jae

The kiss scene was posted on various SNS sites and online communities, drawing keen attention. Netizens reacted, “The level of this scene is higher than I thought”, “So thrilling”, “Terrestrial broadcasters are quite brave these days”, “My heart was pounding”, “Both of them are so good at acting”, etc.

The drama “The Golden Spoon” tells about the adventure of a child born into a poor family becoming an acquired golden spoon by changing his fate with that of a wealthy friend using a golden spoon that he accidentally gets. It airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:45 p.m.

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