This member of HYBE’s new girl group NewJeans shows her potential as a visual even before her official debut

Minji, a member of the new girl group NewJeans produced by HYBE’s label ADOR, is drawing attention with her unrivaled visual.

On July 22nd, HYBE’s girl group NewJeans, which is raising high expectations from K-pop fans, was finally unveiled. As a group consisting of teenagers, the members perfectly expressed the pure and lively image of NewJeans and caught the public’s attention right from their first appearance.

new jeans

Among 5 girls, keen attention is being paid to Minji, the member who had appeared on the poster for HYBE’s girl group audition before she was officially introduced. 

new jeans

Minji has distinctive and harmonious facial features, such as large eyes, a high nose, and sharp jawlines. Internet users were impressed by her outstanding visual, pointing out that her nose, eyes, and long straight hair remind them of Olivia Hussey.

new jeans

In the “Hybe Boy” music video released on the same day, she wore colorful accessories and digested a “hip” image. Many people praised Minji for her ability to pull off all kinds of concepts although she has yet to make her official debut.

new jeans

Minji’s group NewJeans is the first girl group produced by HYBE’s CEO Min Hee-jin, who became popular after producing album arts for SM Entertainment’s artists, such as SHINee’s Juliette” and f(x)’s “Rum Pum Pum Pum”. 

The girl group will make their official appearance in the music industry by releasing their debut song on the 1st of August and their album on the 8th. 

new jeans

Attention is focused on whether NewJeans, the group that HYBE is introducing with great confidence, will be able to establish itself as a representative girl group of the 4th generation. 

Source: insight

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