The reason why Kpop artists only promote for 2 weeks on music shows 

Many fans may feel sad that Kpop artists only promote for a short 2 weeks. However, there are reasons behind this. 

Recently on July 21st, Kpop girl group VIVIZ (which consists of 3 members from GFRIEND), appeared on the TV program “Yongjin’s Health Center” to promote their new mini album “Summer Vibe”. Here, the host asked them how long will their promotion period last, to which VIVIZ replied “2 weeks”, all while explaining the reason for such a short period. 

VIVIZ explained why many Kpop artists only promote for 2 weeks

In particular, MC Lee Yongjin asked VIVIZ why they promoted only for 2 weeks, to which Eunha confessed honestly: “Because it costs a lot”. SinB then added that stage outfits for music shows are extremely costly, while Eunha joked that she almost thought about wearing the same clothes instead of spending so much for a couple of minutes on stage. 

Following VIVIZ’s confession, many netizens also pointed out that Kpop groups also need to cover the cost for styling and makeup, which can cost a fortune. Recordings for Korean music shows also start at early in the morning or even midnight, taking a heavy toll on the health of most Kpop idols. Therefore, only rookie artists will promote for a long time to get their name across, while more established groups will limit their promotion period, and instead focus on self-produced contents, variety show appearances, or concert nights.

Kpop idols often have to promote on Korean music show during each and every comeback 

However, many also expressed regrets that they can only see their favorite idols for such a short period. Some also pointed out that the promotion period has shortened considerably, from 1-2 months in previous generations, to just a few weeks now. In the past, fans get to enjoy a lot of stages in all sorts of gorgeous outfits, or even “special stages” if a group gains the “triple crown” – winning for 3 consecutive weeks at one music show. This has gotten extremely rare in this day and age, with most idols not even staying for 3 weeks, not to say winning. 

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