aespa’s NingNing platinum hair before Coachella reminded netizens of  BLACKPINK’s Rosé

With platinum hair, aespa’s NingNing stands out before her performance at Coachella. However, netizens can’t help but compare the idol to BLACKPINK’s Rosé from 3 years ago. 

The famous idol group aespa was recently confirmed to be performing at the main stage of Coachella on April 24. As the third female Kpop group to have such honor, aespa drew a lot of attention from their fans and the public alike. Recently, the group’s maknae NingNing is hitting headlines with her outstanding platinum blond hair upon arrival in the US. 

NingNing draws attention with her appearance at the airport. 

Right from the airport, NingNing’s hair caught a lot of eyes. She shined even brighter in the US, looking extremely youthful and energetic like a true Gen Z idol. 

A photo of NingNing in blond hair shared on the idol’s SNS

In a recent livestream with fans, NingNing once again became a hot topic with her princess-like visuals and blond hair. Fans were particularly excited, seeing that the group’s Coachella appearance was approaching. Many couldn’t wait for NingNing to steal the show with her current styling. 

The main vocalist of aespa looked extremely gorgeous in her latest livestream. 

However, while fans were most hailing the idol, nonfans shared another perspective. According to them, NingNing’s blond hair reminded them of BLACKPINK’s Rosé in her Coachella appearance 3 years ago. With hair in the shade of rose gold, Rosé had made a lasting impression on this large stage. 

Kpop fans believe that Coachella Rosé was “legendary”.
Rose Blackpink
BLACKPINK’s main vocalist simply looked “out of this world”.
Rose Blackpink
The iconic hair flip moment of Rosé

Both consisting of 4 members, aespa has been compared with BLACKPINK since day 1. Now, after 3 years, aespa is on the same stage as their senior, causing arguments between the two fandoms. 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • The development of aespa and BLACKPINK are 90% alike. NingNing is basically Rosé 2.0. It’s one thing to share one similarity, but you just have to question the many glaring resemblances
  • Kinda awkward to be stanning both Rosé and NingNing when the fandoms are battling it out…
  • Blond NingNing is the best! 
  • aespa may look like true American beauties but they are still my babies
  • NingNing has fair skin so she suits blond hair a lot.
  • I shall wait and see if NingNing even comes close to Rosé


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