aespa lip-syncing records raise concerns about their Coachella performance 

Can aespa sing live good enough for their upcoming appearance at Coachella? 

Fans of aespa are feeling extremely proud after their idols were announced to be the 3rd female Kpop group to ever perform at Coachella. However, in a previous Western performance, this famous Kpop group was revealed to have been lip syncing, leaving netizens worried over aespa’s ability to perform live. 

After their comeback with “Savage”, aespa often finds themselves under the ire of the public for lip-syncing in most of their performances. This reaction grew even worse when the SM girl group was revealed to not have performed live at their Western appearances at “The Nick Cannon Show”, “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, and “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade”. 

aespa lip-synced at “The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade”  
Their performance at “The Nick Cannon Show” wasn’t live. 

According to many netizens, aespa’s lipsyncing was obvious due to the group’s main vocalist Ning Ning. Whether she was singing low or high, the idol’s expression never changed, and her voice came through despite her mic slipping

Even when her mic fell, Ning Ning still “sang” normally. 

aespa is well-known for their intense choreographies as well as super difficult to sing tracks. Therefore, many suspect that the girl group will lapse back to their old way and lipsync at a stage as big as Coachella 2022. 

Here are some comments from netizens:

  • Compared to BLACKPINK who sang live for more than 10 songs… aespa’s pretty worrying
  • Hopefully they will actually sing live and dance properly. Fans keep hailing the vocals so I’m curious.
  • Western audiences won’t care about lipsyncing machines 
  • Americans want real talent! If you can’t sing live don’t bother. 
  • They need to improve their live singing if they don’t want to become a laughingstock 
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