“I’d rather die than marry him”… T-ara Hyomin is said to make a meaningful post towards her ex on SNS after breakup, but what is the truth?

The love story between Hyomin (T-ara) and her boyfriend Hwang Ui Jo lasted only 4 months.

Hyomin (T-ara) and player Hwang Ui Jo are Dispatch’s first couple in 2022. This newspaper has released a series of photos of the two stars during their trip to Switzerland. However, in March, the couple announced that they had broken up after only 4 months of dating.

On April 21st, Hyomin made a new post on her Instagram account. The released photo shows Hyomin concentrating on studying English. She even changed the pen colors to take notes. In particular, among the notes, the meaningful sentence “I’d rather die than marry him” caught the eyes of netizens.


However, on April 23, the female idol clarified this. On InstaStory, she posted photos taken from English learning books. In it, the line “I would rather die than marry him” is used as an example. Although this image has no caption, netizens can see that this quote is an example in a book, Hyomin didn’t write it herself to throw shade at her ex-boyfriend.


In addition, Hyomin, who previously released photos of herself on the trip to Switzerland, recently reported on her trip to Australia.

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