Ukrainian actor of Korean origin Lee Pasha gave his bulletproof vest to a child right before he dies

After Korean-Ukrainian actor Pasha Lee died while helping citizens evacuate the battlefield, he had reportedly given his bulletproof vest to a child just before his death.

The Centre for Civil Liberties (CCL), a Ukrainian civic group, recently said on SNS, “The body was found five days after Pasha Lee died. He helped the children get out of their homes while evacuating people from Irpen. When Russian troops fired on civilians, he put his own bulletproof vest on their children,” it said, announcing the death of Pasha Lee.

pasha lee

The Ukrainian ambassador to Korea said on its personal SNS, “Pasha Lee was a Ukrainian actor and entertainer. When Russia attacked Ukraine, Pasha died in the process of evacuating citizens from the war-torn city of Irpin. Lee Pasha’s mother is from Jakarta, and his father is a Korean immigrant. We want to tell you about him.”

During his lifetime, Pasha Lee was known to have been a famous Ukrainian actor and TV host.

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