Kim Min Jae “‘Dr. Romantic 3’ is my last work before enlistment, I hope there’ll be season 4”

Actor Kim Min Jae stated that SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Dr. Romantic 3” would be his last work before enlistment.

At the press conference of “Dr. Romantic 3” held in April, Han Suk Kyu drew attention by unintentionally revealing Kim Min Jae‘s enlistment, “Our Min Jae will join the army in July. When I met Min Jae during Season 1, I told him, ‘Hurry up and go to the military.’

We met Kim Min Jae at a cafe in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on June 19th. He said, “I told Han Suk Kyu that I’d definitely go within this year while filming season 3, but I didn’t expect him to say that at the press conference. It was rather good. I was wondering how to tell the public, but senior (Han Suk Kyu) said it pleasantly. After the press conference, he smiled at me and apologized.

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“Dr. Romantic 3”, which ended on June 17th, is a drama that depicts the story of “real doctors” set in the background of Doldam Hospital, a hospital in the countryside. In the drama, Kim Min Jae played Park Eun Tak, who overcame his painful past and became a nurse. He appeared from season 1 to season 3. 

He expressed expectations for season 4. Kim Min Jae said, “Since the end of season 3, many staff and actors have been shouting for season 4. As a fan of ‘Dr. Romantic’, I hope there’ll be season 4. Even if I don’t appear in it.”

He added, “‘Dr. Romantic’ is a work that I’ve been with from the beginning of my career to the end of my 20s. It’s a work that I’ll never forget in my acting life, and I think it’ll be a very big part.

Source: Daum

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