Ex-AOA Jimin Wants To Release Hip-hop Song Again, Kim Shin-young “Don’t Write Suggestive Lyrics”

Broadcaster Kim Shin-young gave advice knowing former AOA member Jimin wanted to come back with a hip-hop song

MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin-young’s Noon Song of Hope” broadcast on April 30th showed DJ Kim Shin-young sharing various talks with guest Jimin, a former member of AOA.

Jimin, who just made a comeback with a new song, said, “The theme is about a trip of a homebody INFP inside their room”, adding “Jewelry’s Kim Eun-jung wrote the lyrics, while Devine Channel composed the song. The two are a married couple.”

aoa shin ji min

Hearing that, Kim Shin-young said, “Is Kim Eun-jung married? This friend is very sociable. Though it’s late, congratulations on your wedding”, drawing laughter. 

She added, “Jimin has a unique sense so I thought you participated in the music video. There are many details about the house’s interior that I cannot imagine. Didn’t you make the music video in a way that matches the theme of a journey inside your room?”. Jimin replied, “I sent the director what I wanted to express. The ending scene has a feeling like thinking ‘There’s nothing much but it’s okay’. Being in my room is the best”.

After listening to Jimin’s song, a radio listener complimented the female singer, saying “If I go to sleep after listening to this song, I think I’ll dream of a bling bling night sky. It’s definitely a song for homebodies”.

Later, Jimin revealed her love for climbing, saying “I hope you join us when we climb. I can’t go every day but basically, I climb twice a week. Seolhyun climbs every day, she’s amazing. She bought good shoes and climbed higher”. Kim Shin-young responded, “I don’t want to do it, but I also hope you stop climbing. It’s dangerous. You’ll get hurt”.

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In addition, Jimin said she wanted to make a hip-hop comeback with her next song. Kim Shin-young advised, “Don’t write suggestive lyrics, just make it clear. Avoid using slang and use words that won’t get censored”

Jimin shared, “I wrote the lyrics for ‘Bingle Bangle’ in the bathroom. I thought of the melody while humming in the bathtub”, revealing how she got musical inspiration in her house as a real homebody.

Meanwhile, Jimin released her new song “WALKING TALKING” on April 13th.

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