Jo In-sung, D.O., Lee Jung-jae, Park Bo-gum: Stars Who Didn’t Use Social Media Now Has Opened Instagram

Some stars said they would not use SNS, but eventually opened their Instagram accounts.

Do Kyung-soo, Jo In-sung, Lee Jung-jae, and Park Bo-gum started using Instagram for the first time since their debut and started communicating with fans.

Lee Kwang-soo, Kim Woo-bin, Kim Ki-bang, and Do Kyung-soo talked about Do Kyung-soo’s SNS activities on the latest episode of tvN’s “GBRB: Rep What You Show,” which aired on November 10th. When they saw Do Kyung-soo suddenly taking pictures of the sky, everyone had something to say.

Lee Kwang-soo said to Do Kyung-soo, who was photographing the sky, “He’s almost a influencer now,” and Kim Woo-bin said, “Yeah, Kyung-soo, post a story.” In response, Do Kyung-soo released a photo taken, saying, “I uploaded it because the sky was so pretty.”

Lee Kwang-soo said, “You said you don’t do SNS, but now you’re addicted.”

Kim Ki-bang said, “The keyword In-sung uses these days is ‘communication,'” and Kim Woo-bin said, “Didn’t In-sung say that he wouldn’t do SNS?” In response, Kim Ki-bang said, “He (Jo In-sung) told me “Me, what Instagram?” but now he tells me to send him DMs,” drawing laughter.

Jo In-sung and Do Kyung-soo reportedly opened Instagram accounts last year and this year, respectively. Jo In-sung opened an SNS in March last year and began communication with fans. Do Kyung-soo also opened a personal account for the first time since his debut in July. In particular, it surpassed 1.59 million followers a day after its opening. Lee Jung-jae opened an SNS 28 years after his debut in 2021. It proved fans’ high interest by surpassing 1 million followers in one day and 3 million in eight days. Park Bo-gum also first opened an SNS in March and began to communicate with fans.

Source: Daum

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