BLACKPINK Rosé flexes defined muscles during the BORN PINK concert, secrets to a fit physique revealed

Rosé of BLACKPINK showed off her muscled body during the “BORN PINK” concert and revealed her tips for a muscular body.

Recently, a series of photos of BLACKPINK Rosé during the “BORN PINK” concert is drawing attention on social media. In the released pictures, apart from her tiny waist, Rosé’s visible biceps and toned leg muscles also grabbed attention.

Fans and the public were startled by the idol’s unexpectedly firm physique, stating, “Reasons why you should not skip leg day”, “I am so in love”, and “She got muscles everywhere”.

In turn, they begin wondering about the idol’s secrets to have such muscular gains. Regarding this, Rosé’s secret may lie in dancing and doing pilates. Dancing helps burn extra fat, while doing pilates builds her muscles and shapes her form. Moreover, consistency is key for a desired physique.


Rosé revealed she did not have any diet plan. Rather, she focuses more on eating tips, such as keeping a slow and steady pace while chewing food, taking multiple small portions of food throughout the day, and increasing vegetable intake.

Source: k14

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