BTS Jimin is voted as the No. 1 boyfriend whom they would like to go to the nail shop with.

For a total of 7 days from the 7th to the 13th, portal site DC Inside and MyCelebs created a poll for “Which boyfriend would you like to go to the nail shop with”. As a result, BTS Jimin ranked first.

Jimin took first place with 361,103 votes out of a total of 686,000 votes (51%). Selected keywords were ‘kindness’ (23%), ‘soft’ (20%), and ‘humorous’ (19%) in that order.

Jimin has impressed not only fans but also the public.

Jimin realized the danger when he saw audiences jostle each other at the 2020 Golden Disc Awards held in January last year. Reportedly, he showed off a friendly image, calmed fans one by one as he ran around the stage, impressing great with his words and actions. He shows that he truly understands the hearts of fans, and at the same time makes sure the fans were safe.

Also, when he appeared on KBS variety show “Hello” in 2017, he told the story of a girl who had to wear glasses because she was not confident. Jimin instead of saying ‘take off your glasses’, he said. ‘I can’t see her pretty eyes because of the glasses’. At that time, he was widely known for his expressive ability and friendly personality.

Along with Jimin, trot singer Lee Chanwon ranked 2nd with 285,539 votes (42%). Further, singer Sunghoon Choi received 44,979 votes (7%) and came in 3rd place. Meanwhile Shin Seongrok and Kim Nam-gil came in 4th and 5th place, respectively.

Congratulations Jimin!

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