Ukrainian actor with Korean origin Pasha Lee was killed during a battle with the Russian army

The Ukrainian ethnic Korean actor Pasha Lee has fallen in battle.

Park No-ja, a professor at Oslo University, said on his Facebook page on Mar 7th, “Ukraine-born ethnic Korean actor Pasha Lee died during a battle with the Russian army in Irpin.” Several media outlets in Ukraine also reported on Pasha Lee‘s death, formalizing his death. He passed away at the age of 33.

Pasha Lee was a famous Ukrainian actor, broadcaster, and singer. The deceased, who had been active through various movies and commercials, was in charge of hosting the entertainment program “Day at Home,” which recently started a new season on January 31st.

Park No-ja-Pasha Lee

However, when the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, he volunteered to join the army and posted a photo on his Instagram on March 4th (local time), saying, “I have devoted myself to Ukraine’s happiness for the past 48 years,” which became the last photo of his life.

Currently, comments of memory are continuing on his Instagram.

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