The voice of this rookie idol from JYP is the same as Suzy’s, even fans are confused

NMIXX, a female idol group newly introduced by the “Girl group master” JYP Entertainment, is the hottest topic at the moment.

NMIXX is a rookie who debuted on the 22nd of last month with its first single album “AD MARE.”

NMIXX Bae and Suzy

The public’s interest in each member, including Lily, who appeared in “K-Pop Star Season 4” and Sullyoon, who is making fans’ hearts flutter with her face which resembles Tzuyu and Sana, is sky-rocketing.

Also, the resemblance between member Bae and Suzy, her senior at JYP Entertainment, in terms of not only their voice but also their vibe, is drawing attention.

Even Suzy’s long-time fans are saying that Bae and Suzy’s mid-to low-pitched voices are the same.

The two even have the same way of cutesy speaking. Fans are surprised, saying that they couldn’t tell who is who between Suzy and Bae if they only listened to their voices with their faces covered.

Some say that Bae also resembles her senior’s pure, full features and even her cute “rabbit front teeth.”

As both also have the same surname of Bae Jin-sol (Bae) and Bae Soo-ji (Suzy), fans even joke, “Aren’t they distant relatives?”

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