SUGA (BTS) used the lyrics in his new mixtape to show off achievements and “diss” both haters and media?

On May 22, SUGA officially released the second solo mixtape in his career called “D-2” featuring the title song “Daechwita” under the stage name Agust D. The MV for the title track was made in an historical style with a traditional Korean setting, the main character and supporting cast including Jin and Jungkook are all dressed in traditional costumes.

Besides “Daechwita“, another mixtape song that is gaining attention is “What do you think?”. The reason is because the lyrics seem to be calling out anti fans and the media.

The lyrics near the 60 second are: “We take everything one by one just like how we’ve done so far. What do you think, Billboard No.1. Grammy next, what do you think?”. His rap lines seem to target those who used to look down on and call the group a failure in the past.

His success is not only measured by the number of awards, but also by his great fortune: “The ten zeros in my bank account is the money holding my youth as a collateral. I got a big house, big ring, bring anything, I’ll give you my black card.”

The media, specifically journalists are also mentioned in the lyrics. BTS’s rapper criticized them for appearing on air even more than artists like him.  The male idol also wrote that the members will enlist in the military when it’s time and there is no need for the media to mention their names.

The bastards that received media benefits were on air more often than me. We’ll be sure to go to military when it’s time, so those who tried to sell our name to freeload off us, shut up”

Through this, it can be seen that SUGA is no longer a mere idol but has become an artist who has his own opinions in his music. Instead of making a fuss in the media, he used the lyrics to express his thoughts and feelings at things he’s not happy with.

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