TWICE’s visuals when transformed into male Kpop idols shocked Knetizens: all look marvelous, 2 members look similar to BTS

Korean netizens are very interested in TWICE’s fantasy boygroup version and affirmed that they will still be a group without visual holes.

Whenever it comes to groups with complete and equal visuals, it would be a big mistake not to mention TWICE. Although there are 9 members, all the girls possess outstanding beauty. Each one shows off unique individual styles. The beauty of TWICE members also proves that JYP’s female visual eyes have never disappointed netizens.

So how great are TWICE’s visuals? Netizens recently even asserted that they are so beautiful that… even if they were “reincarnated” as men and formed a group of male Kpop idols, they would still have overwhelming visuals. Recently on a Korean online forum, the fictional images of 9 TWICE members after being transformed into men is becoming a hot topic.

These images were created by TikTok-er @tydhaf1, and as soon as they were published, fans and netizens were all in awe of TWICE’s shining handsomeness in the male version of Kpop. Let’s see which male beauty makes you flutter the most!


Many Knets were ecstatic after seeing these photos because they couldn’t believe how attractive the boyband version of TWICE would be. TWICE members naturally have great face characteristics, according to some Knets, and these gorgeous facial qualities are still retained even if they are men. Many people are even more excited when the male version of Momo looks like Jungkook (BTS), while Chaeyoung’s looks like Jin (BTS).

Some comments from Knets:

  • The male version of Momo looks like Jungkook!
  • Nayeon is my pick!!
  • Well, if they were men, Momo, Jihyo, Mina and Chaeyoung would be very popular!
  • For beautiful girls, even if they are reincarnated as men, they will still be handsome.
  • I feel that all the members of TWICE are very pretty
  • But it’s strange that there are so many people who look like Kim Wooseok!
  • The male version of Jihyo is so handsome… My heart flutters!!
  • I like Mina’s face regardless of gender.. Chaeyoung’s male version is amazing!
  • Wow, Momo looks like Jungkook while Chaeyoung looks like BTS’ Jin!!

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