TWICE’s Mina in a mesh net outfit: A “fashion error” that fails to accentuate her pure beauty?

What kind of mesh clothes did Mina wear? It even looks like a fashion error.

Twice’s three Japanese members, Mina, Sana and Momo, recently took a cover photo for the March issue of Japanese fashion magazine ‘Vogue Japan’.


In the published pictorial, the three girls seem to resemble sisters, but each boasts a different charm and attracts attention.

However, Mina’s solo images left netizens in awe. The details of the upper and lower parts are made of light blue mesh, and the elaborate but redundant frill decoration on the top looks awkward as if it doesn’t properly preserve Mina’s neat beauty. Her dress design itself could be cool, but some say it just doesn’t look good on Mina.


In response, some fans responded by saying, “Excessive decorations that kill Mina’s visuals” and “Japan’s standards of beauty must be different from ours.”

Meanwhile, TWICE’s second English single ‘MOONLIGHT SUNRISE’ succeeded in entering the US Billboard’s main single chart ‘Hot 100’.

Source: Daum

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