TWICE’s Jeongyeon tried her best to perform despite having not fully recovered, and fans can’t be more proud of her! 

It was not easy for Jeongyeon to return on stage. 

Jeongyeon joining other members at TWICE’s North American tour has been drawing much attention lately. Although she is still in the middle of recovery from health issues, Jeongyeon still tried her best to go on stage and perform, making fans both touched and proud. 

Jeongyeon has received many compliments for her courage to resume her activities with TWICE even though she has yet to fully recover. Not to mention, due to the side effects of her medications, Jeongyeon has put on some weight. Therefore, it is courageous and admirable of Jeongyeon to stand on stage again, considering how much pressure female idols are under when it comes to appearance and the fact that Jeongyeon herself had to face malicious comments on her weight gain before.

Fancy – Jeongyeon (TWICE)

Jeongyeon was once famous for her stunning figure among 3rd generation Kpop idols. In her individual fancam for TWICE’s Fancy in April 2019, the female idol showed off her skinny body, tiny waist and long legs. Jeongyeon’s current body may not look the same as before, but she still looks pretty and confident. Jeongyeon overcoming her anxiety disorder so she could bring fans the best performances is what makes fans treasure and admire her even more. 

TWICE Jeongyeon not fully recovered
Fancam of Jeongyeon perform 1,3.2 at the Los Angeles concert 
TWICE Jeongyeon not fully recovered
Jeongyeon is back on tour with TWICE even though she hasn’t fully recovered from her illness
TWICE Jeongyeon not fully recovered
A fancam during the peak of the female idol’s visual

Jeongyeon used to be the member with the most beautiful body in Kpop 3rd generation

Some comments:

  • Jeongyeon is amazing. I’m proud of her.
  • She is so brave
  • Not many idols are brave enough to perform like she did. Jeongyeon must have missed her fans and the stage so much.
  • Jeongyeon used to have an incredible body. But she’s still beautiful in my eyes anyway.
  • I hope Jeongyeon gets well soon.
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