TWICE’s Dahyun takes social media by storm with her hip shake fancam at the US concert 

Dahyun, part of TWICE’s maknae line, has really grown up!

TWICE’s 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘III’ in North America has been the center of attention these days. Not only does the group stun with their pretty visuals, fans are also blown away by how confident and hot the members are in the States. Following Sana with her viral 13-second hip roll fancam, Dahyun is the next member making waves on social media with a steaming hot 17-second hip shake fancam.

Dahyun’s hip shake fancam stirs up the online community 

TWICE has long been associated with a pure and cute image. But this is perhaps no longer true. In the short fancam, Dahyun drives fans insane with her stunning figure, sexy hip moves, confident and attractive expressions that are totally different from the usual bubbly image of her in Korea. 

Fans left comments:

  • I thought Sana was wild, but now Dahyun too?
  • I love how confident she is
  • She got me dead with those moves 

Dahyun’s sexy fancam even reminds some netizens of BLACKPINK’s Jennie, who is famous for having the most alluring hip shake moments. With a perfectly toned body, Jennie lightly swaying her body to the music is powerful enough to capture fans’ hearts. 

TWICE and BLACKPINK inherently follow different concepts. TWICE is refreshing and vibrant, while BLACKPINK gives off fierce and edgy vibes. But when the members shake their hips, they are equally hot. Dahyun and Jennie are both known for having hourglass bodies and an enviable waist-to-hip ratio. So whenever they pull some sexy moves, fans’ breath is taken away. 

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