TWICE’s Dahyun, “I was wary about exposure, but I wanted to show it all off in the US” 

TWICE’s Dahyun showed off her “global star” status on “Radio Star”. 

The latest episode of MBC’s “Radio Star”, which aired on August 24, featured the guest appearance of TWICE’s Dahyun

dahyun radio star

On this day, Dahyun said, “We toured in Japan and the US from February to May of this year. In Korea, we hold fan meetings every year, and we dress up to make our fans laugh. I dressed up as Annabelle and Genie. When dressing up as a genie, I wore a thimble because I had to tie all my hair up and make it bald. I painted it all blue and made my eyebrows, and so on. There were also fans who came in the same full costume. I couldn’t help but look at them.”

She continued, “In the US, fans make placards, but rather than using our pretty photos, they make them with photos that would catch our attention.”

dahyun radio star

Dahyun also mentioned her recent change in style. She said, “When I first debuted, I was wary about exposure, but in the US, I wanted to show it all, so I wore only a short top and the fans went crazy.”

Source: daum

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