TWICE’s Dahyun amazes everyone with her mature appearance in an off-shoulder mini dress 

The recent photos that TWICE’s Dahyun revealed attracted keen attention from fans.

On July 15th, Dahyun posted several photos on her Instagram account without leaving any caption. The photos seem to have been taken during the preparation for TWICE’s 4th full-length Japanese album “Celebrate”.

In the released pictures, Dahyun is doing some poses while wearing an off-shoulder super mini dress. Her milky white skin and square shoulders caught the eyes of fans. Unlike her bright and lovely appearance on entertainment shows, Dahyun gave off a more mature atmosphere through these photos.

TWICE Dahyun

In May, TWICE members opened their personal Instagram accounts for the first time since their debut. The members, including Dahyun, have been actively communicating with fans through their different Instagram IDs. 

TWICE Dahyun

According to JYP Entertainment on July 12th, all members of TWICE decided to renew their exclusive contracts. However, the specific period of time for their new contracts was not revealed. On the same day, JYP said, “We will provide full support for TWICE to grow more and become a global girl group”.

TWICE Dahyun

On July 13th, JYP Entertainment continued to report good news, saying “TWICE will make a comeback with their new album ‘BETWEEN 1&2’ on August 26th”. 

TWICE Dahyun

Source: Wikitree

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