TWICE, the first K-pop girl group to enter a North American stadium, is going to meet 44,000 audiences here

TWICE is the first K-pop girl group to enter a North American Stadium and they will have a total of two concert nights here to prove the group’s reputation.

TWICE will hold its fourth world tour TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR “III”” concert at the Bank of California Stadium in Los Angeles on May 14th (local time) and 15th. Previously, only one night was scheduled on May 14th, but as the tickets were sold out very quickly, they decided to add another night on May 15th, which also recorded a high-speed sold-out as soon as the tickets were opened for reservation, proving TWICE’s strong power.


TWICE sold out 9 concerts in 5 cities in the U.S. alone, including 2 encore concerts, proving its strong global popularity. Their encore concert will be the first concert in the history of K-pop girl group to be held at a North American stadium. TWICE, who has shared unforgettable memories with 100,000 audiences in five cities, starting with “The Forum” in Los Angeles on February 15th and “UBS Arena Concert” in New York on the 27th, will meet with about 44,000 fans again through the encore concert to recreate their successful Americas tour.

In addition, from April 23rd to 25th, they held three concerts at Tokyo Dome, the “Holy Land of Japanese Stage Industry,” which attracted a total of 150,000 audiences for three days. As this was TWICE’s first offline concert in Japan after 2 years since “TWICE WORLD TOUR 2019 “TWICELIGHTS” in Japan”, as many as 700,000 people have gone into ticketing, and the members have provided fantastic performances to relieve the fans’ long wait.


In particular, TWICE recorded its name as the first K-pop girl group to achieve three consecutive sold-out concerts at Tokyo Dome as well as the fastest to enter Tokyo Dome since their debut.

TWICE, which marks the fifth anniversary of its official debut in Japan this year, will release its fourth full-length album “Celebrate” on July 27th to celebrate this special day. Through this album, the members want to express their gratitude to the fans for their unwavering love with the title song “Celebrate.” The new song’s lyrics ideas were proposed by the members themselves, and JYP Entertainment’s representative producer Park Jin-young participated in writing the lyrics, signaling the birth of another masterpiece.

TWICE has successfully launched its fourth world tour, mesmerizing ONCE (TWICE’s fandom name) around the world, and further increasing its worldwide popularity. The tour began in Seoul on December 25th and 26th last year, and TWICE is expected to become a “K-pop representative girl group” with its first two encore concerts at a North American stadium following the U.S. tour and Tokyo Dome, which sold out all seats.

Source: Daum

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