TWICE Sana, Jihyo and Mina unleashed their hip and bold side in TWICE’s individual teaser series for their 12th mini-album “READY TO BE” 

TWICE continues building expectations with the releases of Sana, Jihyo and Mina’s teasers. 

JYP Entertainment is releasing individual teasers of individual members across their social media, with Sana, Jihyo, and Mina being the following trio. 


Sana pulled off an athletic look perfectly in an attractive and creative pose. Jihyo stared down at the camera, boasting a confident and cool attitude. Mina exuded an elegant and unique charm with a dreamy expression. 

From the released teasers, TWICE’s next title song “SET ME FREE” will contain a new and bold aspect of the group. Simple yet powerful sounds as well as provocative lyrics promise to awaken listeners’ senses.

Melanie Fontana and Lindgren, who made “I CAN’T STOP ME,” “CRY FOR ME,” and “SCIENTIST,” will comebine forces with Galactika, a music production team who worked on “Heart Shaker.”


Starting with “SET ME FREE,” the pre-released English single “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE,” “GOT THE THRILLS,” “BLAME IT ON ME,” and “WALLFLOWER” are also included in the new album.

TWICE will officially release its 12th mini album “READY TO BE” on March 10th.

Source: wikitree

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