TWICE Nayeon’s stalker returns to Korea + JYP says they are discussing countermeasures with legal team

German male stalker A, who stalked Nayeon, announced his arrival in Korea in a video. JYP has given a response.

The notorious stalker A of TWICE’s Nayeon uploaded a video titled “Happy Birthday to Nayeon” on his YouTube account on September 21st. A said in the video that he came to Korea to celebrate Nayeon’s birthday. He also said that he wanted to meet Nayeon and informed her how she could contact him.

In the video, A said, “I love you and wish you a happy birthday. I came back all the way to Korea to surprise you Nayeon.” He added, “I don’t like to travel, so it was not easy to return to Korea, but I came back as a birthday surprise. I brought two small birthday gifts and I’m looking for a way to give them to you.”

A also said, “I don’t know exactly where, when, and how we will meet, but I’m a little lonely in Korea. I have my contact information, so please send me a message here. I want you to be happy when I come to Korea. I really love you and I miss you.”

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In response to A’s return to Korea, JYP Entertainment, TWICE’s agency, told News 1 on September 22nd, “We are currently discussing ways to deal with this issue with our management team and legal team.”

Meanwhile, Nayeon has been stalked by A, a German man, since December 2019. This man boarded the same plane as TWICE and tried to approach the members and caused a riot. JYP then asked the police for personal protection for Nayeon. However, the stalking continued after that. 

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On January 7, 2020, Nayeon filed for a restraining order against the stalker with the Seoul Central District Court. On January 8th, JYP filed a criminal complaint with the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul for obstruction of business. In March 2020, JYP announced that the application for a restraining order was withdrawn due to processing issues, and that they would take action when the stalker enters the country again.

Source: dispatch

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