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Park Soo Hong confessed to serious health condition in his first TV appearance aired after assault incident 

Comedian Park Soo Hong talked about his health condition on “Dongchimi”.

Comedian Park Soo Hong is continuing a legal battle with his family over allegations of embezzlement. After being assaulted by his father and having to be taken to the emergency room, Park Soo Hong entered an investigation with prosecution.

Park Soo Hong mentioned his health condition in his first TV appearance that aired after the shocking incident with his father. 

Park Soo-hong

In the latest episode of MBN’s “Dongchimi”, which aired on October 8th, a guest confessed that she got panic disorder from her tough marriage in the past, but as time passed by, she got better.

In response, Park Soo Hong advised, “I know the most about having a heart attack. As an expert on heart disease, medication is very important. Don’t try to hold out.”

Park Soo-hong

Park Soo Hong said, “Consult a specialist. If it doesn’t heal, boldly vent out all the emotions inside of you. Especially when you take a shower or you’re alone, that will relieve you.”

He further emphasized that it was actually a story he had heard from a doctor. He went directly to the hospital to receive counseling due to the continuing bad news.

Park Soo-hong

Park Soo Hong said, “(The doctor) said that I was good at swearing. He says it’s courage to hate someone. I teach my wife, so I do it with her,” he confessed.

Finally, Park Soo Hong said, “I’m telling you clearly, if you empathize, talk, and solve this problem with someone, the problem can be cured and solved at some point. That’s why there’s “Dongchimi,” he said, showing his sense of ending the story by promoting the program.

Park Soo-hong

On the other hand, Park Soo Hong suffered a financial conflict with his brother, Park, who is the representative of the agency.

Park Soo-hong

Park Soo Hong’s side filed a complaint with the Seoul Western District Prosecutors’ Office in April of last year, and separately increased the claim for damages from 8.6 billion won to 11.6 billion won in June last year.

The prosecution sought an arrest warrant for Park Soo Hong’s brother, and the court issued a warrant, saying there was a risk of destroying evidence and fleeing.

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