TWICE Nayeon’s in-flight riot stalker once again announced his return right on her birthday

A stalker who was once accused of harassing Nayeon (TWICE) has returned.

On September 21 – a day before Nayeon’s birthday, her in-flight riot stalker posted a video on YouTube and said, “Happy birthday. I really love you and wish you a very happy birthday”.

He continued, “Finally, I’m back in Korea to surprise you. Because I can’t wait in Germany anymore. I think now is the best time to come back to Korea and make you happy.”

He continued, “I brought two small birthday presents, and I’m looking for a way to give them. If you want to know about me or have a wish, please send me a message.”

twice nayeon

It is known that this stalker named Josh, has repeatedly stalked Nayeon, and even tried to approach the female idol on a flight. JYP side has filed a criminal complaint against the stalker for obstructing business activities, and also applied for an access ban. However, the ban was temporarily withdrawn because Josh returned home after showing remorse for his actions.

nayeon dazed

Currently, Nayeon’s fans are very worried and ask JYP to take action to protect the female idol.

Source: Daum

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