Current status of trainee who topped the visual rankings on “Produce X 101”

Actor Kim Min Kyu gave off a deadly sexiness. Recently, the magazine “MEN Noblesse” released Kim Min Kyu’s December issue pictorial.

In this pictorial based on the concept of “Float on”, Kim Min Kyu made women’s hearts flutter with a dreamy and mysterious atmosphere that is quite different from the fresh and pure image he has shown so far.

Kim Min Kyu

Kim Min Kyu created a mysterious atmosphere with languid and melancholy eyes in each pictorial cut. He perfectly digested various costumes with perfect visuals and superior physique (185cm), enhancing the completeness of the pictorial.

It is also rumored that he understood the concept perfectly, posed skillfully and showed maturity, drawing praise from the staff.

Kim Min Kyu acted enthusiastically in the recently released Netflix series “The Fabulous”.

Kim Min Kyu

Set in Seoul’s fashion industry, “The Fabulous” depicts the stories of young adults who navigate their work, personal lives and relationships while struggling in a dynamic and competitive environment.

Kim Min Kyu played the role of Shim Do Young, a college student who is torn between his dream of becoming a model and the harsh reality.

Kim Min Kyu

Unlike his existing characters who showed the essence of first love, Kim Min Kyu stole women’s hearts by showing off the charm of a younger man.

In particular, Kim Min Kyu’s tall height and small face, like the main character in a romance comic, showed a perfect synchronization with the character, drawing attention from viewers.

Kim Min Kyu

Meanwhile, Kim Min Kyu, who is currently active as an actor, made his face known by appearing on Mnet’s “Produce X 101“, which aired in May 2019.

At that time, his good looks and tall height caught the attention of other trainees as well as national producers from his first appearance.

Kim Min Kyu, who appeared in a white shirt in the first episode, boasted perfect beauty like a rookie idol who had already debuted. Other trainees exclaimed, “So handsome“, “Such a handsome boy” and “What does it feel like to look like that?

Kim Min Kyu

In the real-time rankings released at the end of the broadcast, Kim Min Kyu took first place. In addition, in the intermission section where the “visual center” was chosen in episode 5, Kim Min Kyu topped the list with overwhelming support from other trainees.

Although Kim Min Kyu failed to join the final debut group, he continued his vigorous activities afterwards.

Originally prepared as an actor rather than an idol, he stood out more as an actor.

Kim Min Kyu

He has been creating his own character as an actor step by step through Playlist’s “Pop Out Boy!”, SBS’ “Backstreet Rookie” and JTBC’s “Idol: The Coup”.

In particular, in his previous work, Wavve’s “Seasons of Blossom”, he attracted viewers’ attention by presenting in-depth acting as Lee Jae Min.

Expectations are high on what kind of charm Kim Min Kyu will show to captivate the public in the future.

Source: Daum

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