“Genre master” Joo Ji Hoon to appear in new work by trending screenwriter 

News about actor Joo Ji Hoon’s next work, which was recently announced, have been drawing attention

On June 23rd, it was reported that famous actor Joo Ji Hoon will appear in the new OTT drama “Dominant Bell” (literal translation), which is penned by Lee Soo Yeon, the screenwriter of hit investigation series “Stranger”.

Joo Ji Hoon’s next work

According to OSEN, the actor received the script previously and reviewed it positively before recently making his decision to appear. Lee Soo Yeon was the writer behind iconic crime series “Stranger”, and has since penned works like Disney+’s “Grid”. Her upcoming work “Dominant Bell” will depict a sci-fi world of superior genes, viruses, and food condensed into pills.

Joo Ji-hoon

The drama is reportedly in discussion with a global OTT platform. Ever since the start of his career, Joo Ji Hoon has always been praised for his ability to adapt to a wide variety of genres, from zombie series “Kingdom” to mystery thriller “Jirisan’. His return is thus highly anticipated by netizens. 

Joo Ji-hoon

Since the announcement of this next project, netizens have been reactive positively on the Korean online forum theqoo, leaving comments like: “Work hard, Joo Ji Hoon”, “This genre will suit him well”, “That’s great”, and so on. 

Joo Ji-hoon

Joo Ji Hoon’s last appearance on the small screen was via the tvN drama “Jirisan”, where he starred alongside star actress Jeon Ji Hyun. However, despite its star-studded cast, “Jirisan” was said to be a disappointing work. 

Joo Ji-hoon

At the moment, Joo Ji Hoon is also preparing for his 2 movies “Silence” and “Gentleman”, which was delayed due to the pandemic. He will also make a special appearance in the upcoming movie “Hunt”, which is directed by famous actor Lee Jung Jae. 

Source: Wikitree

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