TWICE Nayeon got her win stolen? Music Bank is once again accused of cheating

Kep1er recently won against TWICE Nayeon on Music Bank, raising suspicions about the music show.

On July 1st, the weekly music show Music Bank was held with the appearance of various top Kpop artists, from TWICE, Kep1er, Sunmi, LOONA, fromis_9, to many others. Meanwhile, Nayeon’s solo debut title “POP!” and Kep1er’s latest song “UP!” were nominated to win, with the cup eventually being awarded to the rookie girl group, becoming their first win for the new album.

However, Kep1er barely got to enjoy their victory, as it was quickly deemed controversial. In particular, Korean netizens find it hard to believe that Kep1er won, despite Nayeon doing better than the group in terms of digitals, her album selling just as much as the girl group, and her fandom extremely large after 7 years in the industry.

“POP!” by Nayeon is slowly climbing Korean music charts, why “UP!” by Kep1er couldn’t even enter iChart.

In addition, Korean netizens realized that while Nayeon triumphed in all score categories, Kep1er’s broadcast score was extremely high, with 6000 points. This raised extreme suspicions, as previously, LE SSERAFIM also got into a controversy when winning against famous trot singer Lim Young Woong with a high broadcast score. 

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Kep1er’s high broadcast store led to many people thinking that Music Bank is cheating

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • There’s just something wrong with the scores on Music Bank. Even Lim Young Woong got his score nerfed by them. 
  • That broadcast score… Nayeon really lost because of this??
  • Music Bank is basically choosing the winners by boosting their broadcast scores
  • 6000 for broadcast? I’m speechless. Nayeon’s digitals and physicals can leave the girl group in the dust
  • Kep1er must be feeling pretty weird right now knowing that the cup doesn’t belong to them?
  • Music Bank really did Nayeon dirty
  • Music Bank… are they cheating? How can Nayeon lose to Kep1er?
  • In this day and age broadcast score is everything guys, we don’t need to stream nor buy the album anymore
  • Really Music Bank? Again? Robbing Lim Young Woong for LE SSERAFIM wasn’t enough for you?
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